Caring for and Healing Kids


As a Vermont mother of a child with Lyme disease, Rebecca Zelis has launched a new website for Caring for and Healing children with the disease and other tick-borne related illnesses. It is not easy to care for a child … Continued

Lyme Disease TED Talk

Invisible Illness and Incommunicable Diseases: Emily Reach White at TEDxGreenville

LabCorp Denying Western Blot Tests

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to actually get diagnosed with Lyme disease, LabCorp has just made it that much harder to get a definitive diagnosis: Labcorp will not offer a western blot test for individuals unless they are … Continued

Tick Bites Can Make You Allergic to Meat

Ticks that can cause a severe allergy to meat are spreading in the U.S.: … at least 1,500 people in the United States…suffer allergic reactions after eating meat, and doctors interviewed by Popular Science believe such cases are on the … Continued

Middlebury College to Offer Lyme Disease Course This Fall

Middlebury College is offering a course about Lyme disease this fall. Here’s the course description: *Lyme Disease* Lyme disease is fascinating from medical, public health, and ecological perspectives. In this seminar we will explore the disease in an interdisciplinary fashion. … Continued

New ILADS Lyme guidelines promote options and informed choice

New Lyme disease guidelines published by ILADS are “both evidence-based and patient-centered” according to The complexity of Lyme disease makes a “cookie cutter” approach inappropriate, noted Dr. Dan Cameron, MD, MPH, lead author: “We moved away from designating a … Continued

NYT Lyme Disease Protest- Sept 17th

A silent candlelight vigil will be held in front of the New York Times building in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, September 17th from 11am to 1:30pm. We are using the NYT as a symbol for the media as a whole … Continued

The politics of Lyme disease – WCAX


For most, the disease lasts a few weeks and can naturally run its course, but that’s not everyone’s experience. “By the time I got diagnosed, I was very sick. I was getting the flu constantly, intense chills, stabbing pains all … Continued

You Can Quote Me – WCAX

You Can Quote Me

Rachel Nevitt was interviewed on WCAX’s Sunday morning program You Can Quote Me about her struggle with Lyme disease.