New ILADS Lyme guidelines promote options and informed choice

New Lyme disease guidelines published by ILADS are “both evidence-based and patient-centered” according to The complexity of Lyme disease makes a “cookie cutter” approach inappropriate, noted Dr. Dan Cameron, MD, MPH, lead author: “We moved away from designating a … Continued

NYT Lyme Disease Protest- Sept 17th

A silent candlelight vigil will be held in front of the New York Times building in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, September 17th from 11am to 1:30pm. We are using the NYT as a symbol for the media as a whole … Continued

The politics of Lyme disease – WCAX


For most, the disease lasts a few weeks and can naturally run its course, but that’s not everyone’s experience. “By the time I got diagnosed, I was very sick. I was getting the flu constantly, intense chills, stabbing pains all … Continued

You Can Quote Me – WCAX

You Can Quote Me

Rachel Nevitt was interviewed on WCAX’s Sunday morning program You Can Quote Me about her struggle with Lyme disease.

Lyme disease prevention tips – WCAX


“Although it isn’t necessarily stylish, tuck in your shirt, and tuck your pants into your boots or your socks,” said Giese.   Light-colored clothing makes the bugs easier to spot. Insect repellents containing DEET can help but provide no guarantee. … Continued

Living with Lyme disease – WCAX


“I was sick for more than a decade before I knew what it was,” Rachel said.   Along with the waves of incapacitation, Rachel can experience flu-like symptoms, chills, extreme fatigue and joint pain. She can struggle with word retrieval … Continued

Ticks Can Carry More Than We Thought

In a recent study done in Duchess County New York, it was discovered that deer ticks can carry more than just Lyme disease. “People in tick-infested parts of the United States such as the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and the Upper Midwest, … Continued

Governor Shumlin Signs Lyme Bill


Vermont history was made Thursday. Gov. Shumlin signed a Proclamation declaring May as Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month, and H. 123 the Lyme Bill that will go into effect July 1,2014. “We have one of the highest rates of … Continued