Truth-out.org published an article recently called “Lyme Disease Guidelines Panelists Engage in Coordinated Propaganda Campaign“. It really sums up much of the controversy in one article. We highly recommend that you read it and share it with your friends and … Continued

Lyme on VPR

“Vermont now has one of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the United States. Meanwhile the treatment of the disease continues to be a matter of controversy, within the state and across the country.” Click here to listen to … Continued

IDSA Extends Lyme Comment Period

If you haven’t already commented on the IDSA’s proposed plan to change Lyme disease guidelines, it’s not too late! They’ve extended the comment period until April 24. Please don’t get discouraged by the complicated format that the IDSA requires comments … Continued

The Problem with the IDSA Revising Lyme Guidelines

The¬†Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is rewriting the guidelines for Lyme disease, but they have left two very important groups of people out of the discussion: patients with Lyme and the people who treat them. They did appoint a … Continued

“Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease” Challenge


If the Ice Bucket Challenge taught us nothing else, it showed how issuing a challenge to the world will help spread the word like wildfire! In the same spirit of wanting to help raise awareness and get people talking, the … Continued

Caring for and Healing Kids


As a Vermont mother of a child with Lyme disease, Rebecca Zelis has launched a new website for Caring for and Healing children with the disease and other tick-borne related illnesses. It is not easy to care for a child … Continued

Lyme Disease TED Talk

Invisible Illness and Incommunicable Diseases: Emily Reach White at TEDxGreenville

LabCorp Denying Western Blot Tests

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to actually get diagnosed with Lyme disease, LabCorp has just made it that much harder to get a definitive diagnosis: Labcorp will not offer a western blot test for individuals unless they are … Continued