Bill H.123 needs your support!

Vermont is seeing record numbers of confirmed Lyme cases, often with severe impacts. Every state in New England – except Vermont – has now passed legislation that protects patients’ choice, by affirming that physicians treating Lyme are able to use the same professional judgment in treating Lyme disease that they use in treating any other disease.

  • Lyme Disease is a very serious tick-borne illness. The CDC ranks Vermont as having the second highest rate of Lyme disease in the nation.
  • According to the CDC, the number of reported cases in Vermont over the past 8 years has increased by over 1000%!
  • The common tests for Lyme are highly unreliable, varying from 14-65% accurate compared to the AIDS test which is 95% accurate.
  • Most Vermont doctors will not treat Lyme outside the Infectious Disease Society’s guidelines of a maximum of 4 weeks of treatment for fear of losing their license.
  • Increasingly, many new people are coming to Lyme support groups reporting continued lack of proper diagnosis and treatment by Infectious Disease Society adherent physicians. Consequently, more and more Vermonters are traveling out of state to get the proper care.
  • The bill does not dictate treatment protocol to doctors. The Bill gives doctors the leeway to treat as they see fit. Latitude in diagnostic and treatment choices must remain available for physicians to learn what works for each patient. Only through trying many new approaches and various medicines, while outlining the risks involved, did physicians learn how to manage AIDS treatment.
  • Similar laws have been passed in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, and Virginia.

YOU CAN HELP: Pass a law in Vermont that will allow divergent medical viewpoints and practices regarding proper diagnostic and treatment protocols for Lyme and tick-borne diseases like those that are currently being used successfully in most other New England states.